Harco Brothers Commitment
Advantaes of REO
Evictions & Secure Property

Evictions, moving and storage services are provided by our professional team. With more than 10 years of experience in the Florida REO business, we can assure that your property will be treated with the care it deserves. Our Florida REO experts are fully knowledgeable and familiar with local laws and local sheriff's policies, rest assured that this process is smooth and reliable.

Eviction Notice
Preservation & Debris Removal

Our property preservation and debris removal services ensure that vacant and abandoned properties are quickly secured, remain adequately protected, and remain attractive for all prospects throughout the default and foreclosure process. All work is performed in a timely manner in compliance with regulatory provisions.

Debris Removal
Roof Repair & Screen Shutters

Hurricanes and poor tenant treatment can leave your property in a very bad condition. Our Florida REO team will aid you in the process of revitalizing your home. Our services can prevent great losses and decreased value of your home. When preventative measures are taken, you eliminate the need of having to dig into your savings unexpectedly.

Shutters & Screens